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°Cryotherapy in brief 



Where does the Whole Body Cryotherapy come from?


Already in ancient times, the cold was used for its pain-relieving effects, but only in the late 70s that Japanese researchers have developed a technique to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Since then, studies have proven the power and effectiveness of this treatment for inflammatory disorders, injuries of all kinds, but also as a powerful analgesic and anti-stress remedy that energizes the whole body.


What is the Whole Body Cryotherapy?


It is the exposure of the body to a temperature between -110°C and -180°C for a period ranging from 1 to 3 minutes that generates a series of positive effects. The top three are analgesics, anti-inflammatory and relaxing. It is a 100% natural therapy and has no side effects.


Why Cryotherapy?


Cryotherapy strengthens and improves our immune system, increases metabolism, improves blood circulation, provides energy and a feeling of immediate well-being.


Is it dangerous?


The answer is no! Liquid nitrogen used to cool the cryosauna does not come into contact with the skin. A CRYOtherapist trained by CRYOVITA is always present during treatment to control the level of temperature and ensure user comfort.

Whom is the Whole Body Cryotherapy for?


The Cryotherapy is open to anyone wishing to improve their well-being and physical condition. Its field of application includes SPORTS, HEALTH and WELL-BEING.