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For an athlete, a sportsman who wishes to improve performance or just for anyone who wants to get rid of an old injury, the whole body cryotherapy is the solution!


  • Reduces inflammation


  • Soothes muscle pain  (sprain, tendinitis, "breakdown" ...)


  • Boosts energy instantly


  • Recover faster from intense effort


  • Improves athletic performances


  • Reduces stress


  • Produces outbreaks of endorphins and adrenaline



When the body is exposed to extreme cold, it receives a strong signal to put in place a process that will have positive effects not only on the body but also the mental aspect as it provides a sence of well-being.


  • Endorphins are released naturally and provide a sense of well-being


  • Extreme cold stimulates natural collagen production and provides a smoother and firmer skin


  • Contributes to the reduction of STRESS, ANXIETY


  • Significant analgesic effect (relieves pain)


  • Vasoconstriction results in increased blood flow

Olympians and top athletes, such as cyclists, runners, basketball and soccer players, and many others already rely on this revolutionary technology!