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The cryosauna for individual use is a highly technological equipment for cryotherapy treatment of the entire body. During treatment, the temperature of the cabin lies between -110 and -180 degrees Celcius. The duration of treatment varies from one person to another and ranges between 1 and 3 minutes. The cryosauna is equipped with an adjustable floor to suit people of different height as the top of the sauna is open from neck up. This allows people with claustrophobia to feel at ease during treatment and make eye contact at all times with the CRYOtherapist trained by CYOVITA.





Cryosauna's external dimensions
  •  Width of the cabin - closed door :    1300 mm / 51.18"
  •  Width of the cabin - open door : 1723 mm / 67.83"
  •  Cabin length : 1740 mm / 68.5"
  •  Regular cabin height : 2019 mm / 86,62"
  •  Height with light add-on : 2489 mm / 98"
  •  Weight of the cabin (cab + 1 person) : 250 - 300 kg / 551 - 661 lbs


  • Safe
  • Ease of use
  • Fast freezing time (under 30 seconds to get -140­°C)
  • Control panel providing real-time monitoring of the treatment remaining time and temperature
  • Provided with temperature sensors
  • Low energy cost (1.5 kW / hr)
  • Fast return on investment 
  • Minimal footprint required
  • Allows ease of communication between the user and the CRYOtherapist
  • Unique technology and design
Cryovita is a manufacturer / distributor. In the near future we will hold an international medical certification (ISO 13485). As stipulated by Canadian law, we inform you that our cryosauna are not currently licensed under Canadian law and are sold as devices with the FITNESS connotation, as stipulated by Health Canada. Radio-Canada, radio-canada, massotherapy, kinesiology, chiropractic, back pain, Frédéric Bourque, Frederic Bourque, Frederic Bourque, Frédéric Bourque